Welcome to the Decibel Developer Area!


[April 15, 2014] Hi everyone! Our single all-access API has been available since February. This means our Version 1 Earth API will be laid to rest effective April 25. Your API Key will still work on the new API, but if you have any questions, please let us know. Documentation can be found in the REST API section. If you don't already have a key, you must register for an API key in order to access the API.

Please email us at api@decibel.net if you are experiencing any difficulties or bugs! We're still populating the database. If you don't see the data you need, don't hestitate to email us so we make your genres and data needs a priority in our loading. Happy coding!

Decibel carries the most in-depth music metadata database you’re likely to find. With 15 million tracks from 1.1 million albums by 300,000 artists, you’ll definitely be able to find what you’re after.

Have a look at the API we offer, then head over to our sign up page and create an account to get your API key. You can try our preliminary API for free if you sign up now and have a look at our documentation. It's not populated yet, but you can get a look at what we will have to offer when our full API comes out by the end of the year. If you know you will require a custom data package, don't hesitate to get in contact to figure out the best option for you.

Have a look at the information below to get a head start on how Decibel works:

There are two keys needed to access the Decibel API for each call: an application key and a user key Request API Key
There is one all-access API
We have both SOAP and REST API's available
The API is language independent, however we actively support the following: C#, PHP, Java, VB.NET, Ruby, Python. You can find sample code here
Decibel uses GUIDs for all entities in our database. These IDs are meant to be completely unique. Decibel IDs are unique enough to use outside Decibel, and we're happy for Decibel IDs to be published. The one caveat is that the editorial staff may move information if they see that one person (or piece) is actually two items with the same name.
Decibel has a high level of detail, but some of that detail is not always necessary. For that reason, we’ve introduced the concept of Retrieval Depth, which ensures the caller doesn’t get “extra” or unnecessary information unless it’s requested. Retrieval Depth is specified by an enumeration.
In order to save time and bandwidth, query results are paged. The QueryResult object comes back with all of the item IDs (and this could be a large number). However, only a page worth of items is constructed at any given time. The caller can then go to a particular page and request objects.
All of our images are in .JPG format. We currently store album art, but we are working on images for people, places and other entities in our database. For albums there is a 600 x 600 hi-res image and a 96 x 96 thumbnail.
Use of the Decibel API is subject to the following end user license agreement & terms and conditions